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Fiber Distribution Frame
Fiber Distribution Frame

Fiber Distribution Frame

The manufacturer specialized in data center cabling products and high precision connecting components. Its MTP * / MPO connector advanced capabilities provide guaranteed and reliable connection for 40G / 100G data centers.

KOC high-density fiber pre-connected system deploys high-density data center easily and quickly in horizontal area and storage area of the network. The maintenance and expansion in the future is very simple.

MTP / MPO pre-terminated cabling system consists of three parts: trunk cable, MTP / MPO pre-terminated module and patch panel.

KOFDS series of Fiber Distribution Frames, designed for Central Data Office or the building MDF room, provides high-density fiber management and distribution. The modular design ensures the easily maintenance and efficient management for your fiber cabling systems.


· Indoor cable distribution

· Fiber entries on top or bottom available

· High-density and modular design

· Max. capacity up to 792 fibers

· No tools are needed during operation

· Customizable

· 19” standard cabinet

· Accomplishing scientific arrangement for patch cords with fiber storage units

· Suitable for inserting installation of SC, FC and ST adaptors

· Safety design in grounding and security door

· Top, bottom and rear openings for cable entry covered with removable blank panels.