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Why KOC can promise Fast delivery?

- “Ready to produce” materials - Special designed textures & tools - Simplified order handling process- Well trained operators ...

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What is OM4 fibre Cable?

OM4 is the next generation multimode fibre to support existing 1 and 10Gb/s applications as well as future 40 and 100Gb/s systems. It will allow for extended di......

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What is the difference between multimode and singlemode fibre?

Multimode fibre has a relatively large light carrying core usually 50 or 62.5 microns in diameter. It is normally used for short distance transmissions with LED......

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What styles of fibre cable are commonly used?

Gel filled loosetube for underground direct bury applications with options of termite and rodent protection via nylon jacket and/or armouring. Indoor / outdoor ......

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What is a fibre enclosure?

A fibre enclosure or FOBOT as it is also known is a tray, box or dome designed for breaking out and terminating fibre optic c...

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What are some typical fibre to the home products (ftth products) used in a residential cabling netwo

A FTTH cabling network would usually consist of the Head End equipment (HE), fibre optic cable backbone or Feeder cable to a ...

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Why is the inspection and cleaning of optical fibre connector end faces important?

The light travelling down fibre does so in extremely small diameter cores (9um in single mode). A small speck of dirt that is almost invisible to the naked eye ......

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What fibre optic cable should be used for underground installation?

Loosetube fibre cable of gel-filled or dry-core construction should be used whether fibre cable is direct buried or installed within underground conduit. There ......

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When should I use OM3 fibre cable over OM1 fibre cable?

OM3 fibre must be used where the fibre optic cable run distance exceeds 220 metres @ 1000mbp/s ( 1Gb/s) speed on a typical multimode network. OM3 will extend th......

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What is an OTDR dead zone?

Dead zones originate from reflective events (fusion splices, fibre optic connectors, pressure points, etc) along the link and can affect the OTDR's ability to a......

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What is a fusion splicer?

A fusion splice is the technique of joining two fibre optic cores by melting the ends together using an electric arc. A fusio...

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Can I convert Multimode to Singlemode and vice versa?

Yes a multimode to singlemode fibre media converter can be used. These products are available in both 10/100Base and Gigabit ...

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