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Monitoring cases

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Industry park

Monitoring cases(图1)

Industry Background 
At present, the modern industrial park enterprise model is constantlypopularizing and deepening development, and the enterprise's informatizationconstruction is deepening. Enterprises are gradually turning to the use ofnetworks and computers to process large amounts of data on important links suchas management, production, sales, logistics, and after-sales service. To thisend, the construction, management and guarantee of modern industrial parkenterprises should also be developed in the direction of digitalization,informationization and intelligence. 

2.1 Production line information collection

More and more modern parksrequire video surveillance. In addition to daily security, they can usually usecameras to collect status, data, and numerical information of production lines,metering equipment, meters, and goods. Production dispatchers Informationstatistics can be saved without going back and forth on the spot.

2.2 Alarm Host Access

Theperimeter alarm system of the park can be linked with the video surveillancesystem. When the detector of the zone is triggered, the camera channelassociated with it can capture, record, and mark the zone position and formsound on the monitoring management platform. The warning of the light indicatesthe security guard.


Monitoring cases(图2)

Industry Background
Asthe national economy continues to flourish, it has brought tremendousdevelopment to a comprehensive star-rated hotel that integrates accommodation,catering, entertainment, business meetings and so on. As hotels continue to improveservice levels, increase their own visibility, and expand new business growthpoints, the demand for hotel information and security is equally urgent.

System Introduction 

The hotel's security system construction should bebased on the hotel's integrated information network. Through the network, theuse of high-definition network cameras, storage servers, client hosts, WEBclients, etc., to achieve the entire hotel room department, food and beveragedepartment, corridors, Stairs, entrances and exits, elevator systems, parkinglots, conference halls, etc. carry out monitoring and management of thecollections, and open interfaces at the business level, allowing the hotel tomanage various other digital management services, such as room management, parkingmanagement, fire alarms, access control cards, etc. It can retrieve videoresources and realize the data information interaction of the hotel informationsystems, the rapid processing of global events and the integrated scientificmanagement.


Monitoring cases(图3)


With the increasing living standards of urbanresidents, more and more large-scale shopping malls integrating shopping,leisure, catering and entertainment have become the main places for people'sdaily entertainment and leisure. However, for the managers of the mall, withthe rapid development of the mall, the scale of the operation and the number ofstores are constantly expanding, the management of the entire mall is becomingmore and more difficult, and it takes more time and energy to understand thework of the employees. The situation, the service situation, the trafficsituation of each store, the logistics status, etc., are limited to theworkload and it is difficult to do everything. In addition, while large shoppingmalls bring convenience to people, there are also many security risks in theoperation of shopping malls. These security vulnerabilities often bringunforeseen losses to the operation of shopping malls, such as the theft ofgoods in shopping malls, shopping malls. The safety of insiders, theinterference of lawless elements, and the influence of the environment insidethe mall. How to deeply understand the operation status of the shopping mall,and at the same time do a good job in the safety precautions of the shoppingmalls, so that the mall can operate safely and safely, it has become adifficult problem that the video surveillance system must solve.  

Taking into account the characteristics of dailybusiness such as shopping malls, stores, and mass merchandisers, in addition tothe concept of high definition and dense location, the traditional businessmodel can also be used to manage remote patrols through platform businesspipeline interfaces and computer networks. Extended functions such as trafficstatistics, commodity sales records, linkage fire alarms, linkage broadcastsystems, and electronic maps of linked shopping malls are also considered inthe system.


Monitoring cases(图4)

Industry Background 
The video surveillance solutions for commercial residential buildings havealways been the focus of many manufacturers in the industry. From the historyof CCTV in the past history, the video surveillance system for commercialresidential buildings has been continuously based on people's living standardsand security. Cognition and continuous improvement and change. The dailyproperty management of the community, including parking management, accesscontrol, green management, electronic patrol management, etc., can rely on thevideo surveillance system for coordination and scheduling.


The construction requirements of the Ping An CommunityMonitoring Solution include high requirements for video surveillance image quality,system reliability and scalability, humanized operation and convenience,information sharing, and security intelligence. More and more communityproperty management systems and mechanisms are becoming more and more digital,which will inevitably lead to the integration of third-party systems andsecurity systems. For this reason, video surveillance solutions for thecommercial residential community industry are increasingly Focus ondigitalization and IP networking, and use this as the cornerstone of technologicalchange to drive the overall improvement of the entire security industrytechnology.


Monitoring cases(图5)

Industry Background

Inrecent years, there have been several criminal law enforcement cases that havejeopardized the safety of the campus and the personal safety of teachers andstudents. People’s attention has once again paid attention to the topic of“safeguarding the safety of students and building a safe campus”. Faced with ahuge challenge. Therefore, the construction of a campus security systemplatform, synergistic scientific and efficient civil defense, technical defensemeasures, used to deter the crimes against the campus, prevent it from becominga common responsibility.

Thecampus security system platform is based on the digital campus. Thehigh-definition network video surveillance is the main body. Combining theaccess control, card, perimeter alarm, electronic map and other subsystems, thekey areas of campus security prevention, such as the entrance and exit of theschool, The teaching building, playground, student dormitory, perimeter,canteen, etc. are included in the controllable scope, so that campus securitypersonnel and school leaders can flexibly control and effectively control thereal-time dynamics of each campus, effectively improving the overall securitylevel and handling of the campus. The corresponding mechanism for emergencies.

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