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Loose Tube Stranded Cable With Steel Tape(GYTS)

Loose Tube Stranded Cable With Steel Tape(GYTS)


· Accurate fiber excess length ensures good performance under mechanical stress and good temperature performance.

· Material of loose tube with good temperature property and high Young's modulus, the tubes filled with moisture resistant gel for fibers to ensure the long term stability in transmission for two long wavelength windows.

· The central strength member makes use of high Young’s modulus phosphatized steel wire.

· The loose tubes and all interstices of cable core filled with moisture-proof and water blocking compound ensure no longitudinal water ingress.

· Longitudinal corrugated steel tape laminated at both sides bonding to PE sheath ensures not only radial moisture-proof but also reinforces the crush resistance of cable.

· High density polyethylene PE jacket possesses good ultra violet radiation resistant property.


· Loose tubes(or some fillers)stranded around the metal central strength member

· Bound by corrugated longitudinal steel tape with outer PE jacket

· The tube is made of good temperature property material. A number of single or multi-mode fibers doub-ated are contained in the loose tube


Applications   Long distance and Local Area Network(LAN) communication
Laying method   Conduit, Aerial
Temperature range   -40°C - +70°C Fiber count 2-288
Outer Diameter   10.5 - 18.8(±0.5)mm
Weight   112kg - 343kg